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Hugo Modderman

Hugo T. Modderman
Vintage Automobile Expert

Complex service for your Classic Cars both Pre-war Cars and Post-war Cars in Europe.
Consultancy with Buying and Selling all Classic Cars.
Restoration of all cars near Rotterdam airport both Pre-war Cars and Post-war Cars.
Storage for Antique Cars in Holland, France, Italy, Monaco.
Valuation of Classic Cars: Delahaye, Ferrari, Horch, Bugatti, Lancia, Riley, MG, Gardner Serpollet, Alfa Romeo, Hispano Suiza, Isotta Fraschini, Mercedes.

Rental Cars for Events and for Movies.

Insurance of Classic Cars.

Original Parts for old Cars.

Original Documentation and Literature about Vintage Cars.


Vintage Cars (1918- 1930)

Unbelievable how creative Vintage Cars was and innovative with an enormous variety of technical solutions to such extent that even todays hybrid and electric cars are no more than developments of ideas created in the late 19 and early 20 century. Their beauty and inventively are such that after all those years they still arouse so much admiration and emotion… Read more


Post-Vintage Cars (1930-1940)

Post-vintage Cars are also often sought after by new enthusiasts of these cars: Mercedes, Alfa Romeo, Lancia... However, not all of them have sufficient knowledge about their history and technique It is easy for an amateur to mistake a counterfeit car of which there are many on the market today for authentic car. So it's easy to buy an imitation of a classic car by mistake, which looks exactly like the real specimen, but it is not a Classic Car at all… Read more


Sport Classic Cars

With the first car, we immediately wanted to go faster and faster, the fastest of all - such a masculine nature. It is thanks of it, we have unbelievable sport cars today. Well-preserved or restored sports cars, like Ferrari, Bugatti or Mercedes, after many years still can racing on Formula 1, together with their new owners. Beautiful automotive history, There'll never be old enough to stop racing… Read more

TOP 5 BEST VINTAGE CARS by Hugo T. Modderman

1. Alfa Romeo 8 C 2300 and 2900
2. Bugatti 57 S Atlantic
3. Mercedes SSK
4. Rolls Royce Silver Ghost pre 1912
5. Mercedes 60:hp 1904

An enthusiast of Vintage Cars Hugo T. Modderman


Why such a passion?

My interest of classic cars turned into an incredible life passion. Years of experience, car trips, rallies, meetings with old cars as well as studies on their history. In addition, there are plenty of meetings with the history of people directly related to their design, production, but also the history of their owners, past and present. It all creates my great knowledge and my greatest passion - Vintage Cars.

Selling & Buying Vintage Cars

Do you want to Buy Vintage Car? Help with find the Vintage Car, pre or post-war, exact Vintage Car meet your requirements. Do you want to Sell your Car? Best consultancy with Selling Vintage Car, assist with find propel client for it. Professional advice and help with a reliable opinion about the car, so you will have opinions about the authenticity and also its technical condition.

Best Concourses d'Elegance of Antique Cars - Pubble Beach

The most important Concours d'Elegance of Collector Cars the Word, swhich started as an annual race! Amazing location, amazing organisation, amazing people and above all, the Best Cars in the world. One of my car Alfa Rome 1933, won in 2008 the Mille Miglia prize. Next year other my car 1930 Hispano Suiza Kellner Transformable won the Chairmans trophy. Next car which I am planning to present on the show in 2022 will be Horch. This vintage car was designed by Hermann Ahrens who later designed the famous Mercedes 500 and 549 K Spezialroadster.

Concourses d'Elegance