of Vintage Cars

Hugo T. Modderman

In the world of old cars, I am recognized as a specialist and expert.

That is why:

I carry out vintage car expertise
I do car valuations
I give opinions on the quality of cars
I assess their authenticity
I am reviewing articles and books about old cars
I take part as a judge in various competitions and shows

Pre-war Car Expert

The love for the oldest cars in the world arose from the fascination with their technique. Unbelievable how creative and innovative and with an enormous variety of technical solutions cars were developed to such extent that even todays hybrid and electric cars are no more than developments of ideas created in the late 19 and early 20 century. Their beauty and inventively are such that after all those years they still arouse much admiration and emotion. And most importantly, you can still enjoy driving them on roads dominated by today’s ultramodern cars especially now that speed limits come down steadily.


Post-war Car Expert

An expert on the latest Classic cars like Lancia and Alfa Romeo. These beautiful cars are now very popular with many private and professional collectors. They are also often sought after by new enthusiasts. However, not all of them have sufficient knowledge about their history and technique. It is easy for an amateur to mistake a counterfeit car of which there are many on the market today for an authentic car. So it's easy to buy an imitation of a classic car by mistake, which looks exactly like the real specimen, I spent many years studying the original documentation of these cars, I know their history, stories, details of their construction, as well as many elements that were so important during their design, construction and subsequent modifications - Not only this knowledge makes me an expert in this field but as it is almost impossible to know everything I have built up a network of experts in specific areas.