A word or two about Automobil Clubs

If you want to have interesting and constructive discussions about cars in general or one specific make in particular, you need to join a club facilitating such talks. Even better of course are those clubs that also manufacture parts of specific models for their members.

The oldest club of which I am not only a member of but even a life member is the Lancia Motor Club of Great- Britain which I joined in 1971 and which has a Lambda consortium, a subdivision of the club with meetings of members with the same model car and very active in remanufacturing parts that are not anymore available for these Nineteen twenties cars. The club was founded in 1947.

The second oldest club I am a member of is the BCN, The Dutch Bugatti Club founded in 1956, the same year in which the Dutch Veteran and Vintage Car Club (PAC) was founded. We are a member of the PAC since 1956!

Living in Monaco I am of course a member of the Automobil Club de Monaco (ACM) which is active in F1, the Rallyde Monte Carlo and many smaller events. It has an excellent restaurant where we meet regularly.

The ACM has a special collectors section. I am member of both. But Vintage Car class is my favorite.

This club brings together many car fans, but most of all many owners of unique classic cars

Being part of this club, you can join any important automobile event, including the most important Grand Prix De Monaco Historique.

It is here in Monte Carlo that the famous Grand Prix race of monoposto race cars is held every two years. The first race was in 1927. Since then, once a year, more and more modern, faster and safer cars take to the streets of Monte Carlo to race for the trophy, who will be the fastest, who will be the best, who will be the first. But those first races have a beautiful history, almost 100 years old. Today the first cars are really old. But well-preserved, restored, now owned by private owners, they are still racing - Classic Grand Prix. It is a beautiful history of Best Vintage Cars.

The first rally de Monte Carlo took place in 1911 and was more of a tour than a real rally. It became more and more competitive and whereas this annual rally with used to have mostly privateers with departures from far away places like Minsk, John o Groats, Athens and Oslo it is now a very French affair with only factory teams.

It is here that we organize smaller and larger Sunday rallies on the surrounding picturesque roads of the Cote d'Azur. Unusual places of the French Riviera, old vineyards, chateaux, Provencal restaurants, picturesque views, breath taking landscapes, a combination of beautiful Mediterranean coasts with the charm of mountains and cool people - this is a really an interesting club.

I'm a member of

ACM Automobile Club de Monaco
A.S.I, representing all owners of collector’s cars in Italy in a really active way
Lancia Gama International Club (Italy)
Lancia Club Nederland (Netherlands)
French Hispano Suiza Club (France)