a Vintage Car

If you want to rent a vintage car best you can do contact me.

I offer various of Vintage cars, which are available in France, Italy, Holland, US.
I have contact with a lot of owners of vintage older and younger car in different places, willing to rent cars.

These cars are great for short and long term rent, and perfect for:

Wedding event
Honey moon trip
Holidays trip
Vintage Cars Rally
Private Movie
Commercial events and Movies

Some of car ready to be rent below

1904 Gardner Serpolet type L steam car tulip wood body by Kellner
1913 Lancia Eta Landaulette body by Schutter en van Bakel.
1923 Bugatti type 23 Brescua body by Lavocat et Marsaud
1927 Rolls Royce Phantom 1. Body in the style of Park Ward, a majestic car, fast but a bit clumsy!
1928 LanciaLambda Torpedo
1930 Hispano Suiza H6C Transformable, body by Kellner
1933 Lancia Artena Cabriolet Royal body by Pininfarina
1933 Alfa Romeo 6C1750 Grand Sport soider body by Touring
1933 Horch780 body designed by Hermann Ahrens.